After being told to write a book and jokes about wishing there was a manual on Parenting, Eating Disorders, and many other issues that we talk about in therapy, I decided to write a Blog. This seems like a great starting place. My hope for this space is to have a place for me to write about my feelings, perceptions, what I continue to learn from my clinical work, and what I hope for people to learn. I want to start by saying that my writing will be my perspective only and is by no means the only way of thinking. This is not to say that any of my thinking is better than another way. This is just how I practice and how I help people. This blog will include writings from individuals that I have been privileged to work with. These writing will be about their journey, experience in therapy, something they have learned/continue to learn about themselves, and what they also wish people would know.

So… with that being said. I want welcome you to a judgment free space. We all have the capacity to be experts in our own lives and I hope you enjoy my thoughts and words.

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